Letting Scheme for Subsidised Sale Developments with Premium Unpaid 2019 - Hong Kong Housing Society

Commences from 18 November 2019 onwards (no deadline for the owner applications at this moment)

  1. The applicant(s) must be the owner(s) and all the joint owner(s) (if any) of a flat in the designated subsidsed sale developments of the HS or HA ;   and
  2. One of the applicants must have owned or co-owned with joint owner(s) the title of the Flat for 10 years or above (from the date of signing the Deed of Assignment in respect of the Flat) on the date of submitting the application form.  [If the following transfers occurred in respect of the Flat in the past 10 years, when calculating the period of ownership of the Flat, HS will also take into account the period of ownership of the Flat by the preceding owner :
    1. the title of the property is transferred to other family members, with the consent of HS or HA ; or
    2. an assignment carried out in accordance with (i) estate arrangement, or (ii) court order in respect of divorce, and with the consent of HS or HA (if applicable)]; and
  3. Any transfer or letting out of the flat is still subject to the restrictions of (i) the Government Land Grant and the Modification Letter(s) and the Waiver Letter(s) (applicable to HS’s subsidised sale flats) or (ii) Housing Ordinance (applicable to HA’s subsidised sale flats) (i.e. flats with premium unpaid).

Owners who are interested in applying for "Owner Certificate" shall first read the Application Guide applicable to owners carefully and submit the application in one of the following manners :

  1. Submit online application and pay the application fee online at the designated website: www.lettingownerorphkhs.com. If the application has been successfully submitted online, applicants do not have to submit the application by post or by hand again, otherwise it would be considered as duplicated application and HS reserves the right to cancel all related applications ;   or

  2. Fill in application form in block letters (and in Chinese if applicable) with a black or blue ball, and submit together with the application fee of HK$200 (paid in form of crossed cheque or cashier order made payable to “HONG KONG HOUSING SOCIETY”), and indicate at the back of cheque/ cashier order to “HONG KONG HOUSING SOCIETY”) the name and contact number of the applicant (if there are more than one owner of the flat, any one of the applicants), and post to Hong Kong Housing Society, G.P.O. Box No. 8600, Hong Kong or by returning to Applications Section of HS (address: G/F, Dragon Centre, 23 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong). Please indicate (“Letting Scheme for Subsidised Sale Developments with Premium Unpaid" - Owner’s Application) on the cover of the envelope.  Cash, post-dated cheque or electronic cheque will not be accepted and all applications with dishonored cheques / cashier orders or without cheque / cashier order will be cancelled.

Please click here to download Application Form (Applicable to Owners)

Please click here to download Application Guide (Applicable to Owners)

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